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URL="$(curl -s --head '' | grep X-BC-Jobs | rev | cut -d\ -f1 | rev | tr -d '[[:space:]]')"
echo $URL
curl $URL
URL="$(curl -s -XPOST "" -A "bcth/2.0" --cookie flavor=snickerdoodle -d 'in1980=cern&in1991=www&in2004=knight+commander' | sed -e 's/Munch!\ //g')"
echo $URL
curl $URL
# solve some pseudocode
# `rt`: right-char+previous-string+left-char
# `lt`: left-char+previous-string+right-char
curl -L '' > mailadress.html
cat << HERE
.e .m .a~.i .l, .y .o~.u>.r, .c~.o~.v .e .r, .l+.e~.t .t .e~.r, .a .n .d, .r~.e+.s~.u .m~.e .t+.o {
font-size: 128px;
color: red;
echo ""