Work-in-progress. This repository contains some scripts to prepare SD card images for the raspberry Pi.
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A collection of scripts that help to preprare a Raspbian installation on your local Linux machine.

Usage Example

Choose a raspbian base image (this is optional):

go run raspbian-image.go list

modiy date variables in ./ accordingly.

Prepare wifi configuration:

$ wpa_passphrase <ssid> <password> > wpa_supplicant.conf

Download raspbian image, mount root partition and copy wifi credentials and public SSH key.

$ ./ && sudo ./ && sudo ./ $HOME/.ssh/id_kn_rsa

Copy setup related files into mounted raspbian image:

$ sudo cp -r setup root/some/path

Switch into the ARM emulated raspbian image:

$ ./
# inside the chroot shell
$ cd /some/path
$ ./
$ exit

Unmount the folder

$ ./

Write image onto sdcard:

$ dd if=<date>-raspbian-stretch-lite.img of=/dev/<sdcard> bs=1M oflag=sync status=progress