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  Andreas Linz 7a46a5de24
Add copyright owner information 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz ebb75fe0e2
Widen version range of dev-dependencies 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 40b45cfba9
Merge pull request #10 from willstott101/master 1 year ago
  Will Stott a33995aabb Update dependencies 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 339f9a2d9f
Merge branch 'update-rand' 2 years ago
  Andreas Linz 01454365fd
Apply clippy lints 2 years ago
  Andreas Linz 8360ce6069
Use new rand crate 2 years ago
  Andreas Linz 74c5e77424
Update rand 2 years ago
  Andreas Linz 55dfc70249
Add ringbuffer and circularbuffer tags 2 years ago
  Andreas Linz f092856416
Update rb to 0.3.2 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz bedee8087a
Format with latest rustfmt 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz d282644d10
Merge pull request #9 from mkpankov/patch-2 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 7be7fa3c9d
Merge pull request #8 from mkpankov/tests 3 years ago
  Michael Pankov 3b1ccca8a8
Fix read 3 years ago
  Michael Pankov f3b988c07b Move tests to separate submodule 3 years ago
  Michael Pankov ead0c1ace9 Fix the bug 3 years ago
  Michael Pankov 85377a64ea Add checks for buffer contents 3 years ago
  Michael Pankov 10aad60701 Add tests to raise coverage 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 4c3b772a0c
Merge pull request #7 from mkpankov/patch-1 3 years ago
  Michael Pankov 411f3e3afb
Fix and clean up skip_pending documentation 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz bca91bb12c
Add deps.rs badge 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 3c0cfb0db5
Change documentation link to use docs.rs 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz fe1eeea441
Update to 0.3.1 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 6a21bb76a7
Merge pull request #6 from michaelbeaumont/fix_copy_panic 3 years ago
  michaelbeaumont 5bc18c1519 Add test for read/write copy_from_slice panic fix 3 years ago
  michaelbeaumont 1630bf72b0 Fix copy_from_slice panic in read/write methods 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz fd075e0379
Update to 0.3.0 and fix link to documentation 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 62c1df93f2
Update benchmark instructions 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz ee701a7d1d
Rustfmt 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 30ff26fb78 Merge branch 'use-copy-from-slice' 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz b346f9609d
Remove zero in front of index ranges 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 5ac160c6eb
Use copy_from_slice for read and write operations 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz c910ff2f78 Rework benchmark 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 439e54d58b
Rework benchmark 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz e4108ea1e5 Merge pull request #5 from klingtnet/fix-consumer-skip-integer-overflow 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 905c8bb164
Run benchmark only in nightly 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 493afea3f5
Run test in release mode 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 5137ed7293
Remove sleep from test case 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 3b02c19988
Fix underflow in `inspector.count` 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz b402188e48
Add test case which provokes a subtract with underflow 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 9dd541e539 rustfmt 4 years ago
  Andreas Linz cd3b9edfe4 Fix the documentation of blocking read/write 4 years ago
  Andreas Linz 0a29202c21 Ignore intellij IDEA meta folder 4 years ago
  Andreas Linz ad1729f08b Add appveyoer badge 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz 623670f7ba Add appveyor CI configuration 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz 9d3141fa73 Add cache directive for cargo path 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz 95911ef92b Increase version to `0.2.0` 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz d89024b7f8 Implement idempotent `get` method for *Consumer* 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz d5bfdc12fc Implement skip methods in *Consumer* 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz 6bf5026cb6 Fix license section 5 years ago