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  Andreas Linz ea98d1e8a3
(cargo-release) start next development iteration 0.4.3-alpha.0 4 months ago
  Andreas Linz 790ee42c94
(cargo-release) version 0.4.2 4 months ago
  Andreas Linz b2608e35c8
read_bundle_element → read_bundle_element_content 4 months ago
  Andreas Linz 8cbe1b657e
Update version string in usage example to `~0.4` 4 months ago
  Andreas Linz 250ae006c5
(cargo-release) start next development iteration 0.4.2-alpha.0 4 months ago
  Andreas Linz 199e437b3d
(cargo-release) version 0.4.1 4 months ago
  Andreas Linz 12b53b1a94
Merge pull request #11 from glindstedt/empty-bundle 4 months ago
  Gustaf Lindstedt 951f53ad1a Support empty bundles 4 months ago
  Andreas Linz fc0a8716a6
Merge pull request #10 from klingtnet/add-osctime-alias-for-time-tags 8 months ago
  Andreas Linz 92388c9f17
Add OscTime type alias and use it for OscBundle time tags 8 months ago
  Andreas Linz 8b6eb46472
Link to docs.rs for documentation 9 months ago
  Andreas Linz 5009665e9c
Add copyright owner information 9 months ago
  Andreas Linz 1eb8a79c91
Use Rust 2018 edition 9 months ago
  Andreas Linz a9074b1517
Remove Travis CI with Github Actions 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 398e40b552
Add Github Actions 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 2030917cde
Set version to 0.3.0 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz cf94883368
Merge branch 'remove-option-from-message-args' 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 9647a293e9
Remove Option from OscMessage arguments 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz e9d0047054
Replace unwrap with if let 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz e9b54ff1f7
cargo fmt 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz dd0b665a7c
Update version to 0.2.0 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz a161a7390c
Apply minor clippy lints 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 90b243f1a8
Replace into_iter with iter call 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz dd53f62be1
Apply cargo fmt 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 59bc538f4d
Merge pull request #6 from bitzl/osc-array-type 1 year ago
  Marcus Bitzl c9e5ca2894 Add decoder test for OscArray 1 year ago
  Marcus Bitzl b25b0cd0bf Add proper type abstraction 1 year ago
  Marcus Bitzl d377e796d6 Fix extra char in MIDI type tag 1 year ago
  Marcus Bitzl 293640f054 Add OSC array decoding 1 year ago
  Marcus Bitzl f74cb1f054 Improve code according to review 1 year ago
  Marcus Bitzl d1d1e7c418 Experimental OSC array type encoding 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 41ae8bd024
Update .gitignore 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 9b932ed057
Update to 0.1.6 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 370e1941da
Merge pull request #4 from tonikasoft/master 1 year ago
  Ales Tsurko 0f9d327219 implement From<&str> for OscType 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 7713c0ee31
Run cargo format 2 years ago
  Andreas Linz 07f5cee054
Remove unused import 2 years ago
  Andreas Linz a799b43bf2
Update byteorder crate to v1 2 years ago
  Andreas Linz d25e2f1ffc
Add deps.rs badge 2 years ago
  Andreas Linz 68e1993688 Change rustdoc link to docs.rs/rosc 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 27be866496
Merge pull request #3 from kisielk/patch-1 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 5bac9b463e
Merge pull request #2 from kisielk/update-try 3 years ago
  Kamil Kisiel 038f8b5340
Fix Crates.io badge 3 years ago
  Kamil Kisiel 2e2fef6bc1 Replace uses of try! with ? 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz 431d4de6f6 Add contributors list 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz d113da7142 Use type conversions where possible 3 years ago
  Andreas Linz e0d3350a30 Add a simple decoder benchmark 4 years ago
  Andreas Linz 775cab5f24 Bump to 0.1.5 4 years ago
  Andreas Linz a81c64e9cd rustfmt 4 years ago
  Andreas Linz 9674839e28 Merge pull request #1 from eeeeeta/master 3 years ago