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  Andreas Linz 9647a293e9
Remove Option from OscMessage arguments 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz dd53f62be1
Apply cargo fmt 1 year ago
  Andreas Linz 7713c0ee31
Run cargo format 2 years ago
  Andreas Linz 1fef71f7dd Export types and errors on top-level 4 years ago
  Andreas Linz aa6acb09c4 rustfmt 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz 13ccc41bc6 Refactor argument handling 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz ae8a039bed Resources are dropped automatically at the end of their scope 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz 58d25c9d39 Remove custom IPv4 address parsing and use `from_str` 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz 86d2b643ad Replace deprecated `sleep_ms` with `sleep` 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz 49085b6a33 Implement sender example 5 years ago
  Andreas Linz c42213d787 Unimplemented sender example 5 years ago