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How to mirror a git repository

Most git providers allow to mirror a remote repository but the biggest one of all—github.com—does not. So, how do you mirror a repository to github then? I think the easiest and most straightforward way is to specify a git-hook to do exactly this. First specify both remotes, in my chase those are git remote add <origin> <repo-URL> and git remote add <mirror> <repo-URL>. Now create the hook: $ echo 'git push --force --mirror <mirror>' > .git/hooks/post-commit'. The next time you push your changes into the changes will be automatically mirrored into`.

Forget the idea to use git hooks, first I forgot to make the hook executable and second it was the wrong type, instead of post-commit I had to use pre-push. Nonetheless, it won't work that way. But, luckily there are is another apporach that is simply adding another push URL to the remote. $ git remote set-url --add <origin> <mirror-URL>


More information about git hooks can be found in man githooks and usually there is a bunch of sample files in .git/hooks.