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.PHONY: clean clippy
SOURCES:=$(wildcard ./src/*.rs)
BENCHES:=$(wildcard ./benches/*.rs)
TESTS:=$(wildcard ./tests/*.rs)
EXAMPLES:=$(wildcard ./examples/*.rs)
BUILD_OPTS:=--jobs $(shell nproc)
all: test build examples doc
rustup run nightly -- cargo build --features lints
rustup run nightly -- cargo clippy --verbose
build: $(SOURCES)
cargo build $(BUILD_OPTS)
bench: $(SOURCES) $(BENCHES)
multirust default nightly
cargo bench
multirust default stable
release: test $(SOURCES)
cargo build --release $(BUILD_OPTS)
fmt: format
@for f in $?; do\
echo $$f && rustfmt $$f; \
examples: $(SOURCES) $(EXAMPLES)
@for f in $(basename $(notdir $(EXAMPLES))); do\
cargo build --example $$f; \
run: build
cargo run
test: $(TESTS) $(SOURCES)
cargo test
rm -r ./target
rm -f src/*.rs.bk
doc: $(SOURCES)
cargo doc